Our Warehouse Is Open to Shop From!


The Sale of Antiques and Collectibles Pay Our Operating Costs

We have a steady flow of beautiful furniture, glassware, vintage clothing, and collectibles.   Come on in and shop and help us financially!   You can donate your antiques and treasures, too.  Consider donating a collection you no longer want!  Or maybe a relative has passed and you have items you don't want to put in a garage sale.  You can get a TAX RECEIPT for donating that may greatly benefit the estate.  

We also take shop closures inventory.  Many stores close for a variety of reasons, and in our 20 years of non profit ministry we have picked up the remaining inventory of over 20 antique stores.  Let us do the work if you have to close your doors and get a tax receipt for all the remaining items!  

Call and talk if you have any questions-360.405.0488

Shop is open-

 Tuesday - Friday 10am -5pm