We Accept Vehicle Donations


Donate Your Car or Truck Today

If you have a car, truck, motorhome, or boat you no longer need think of us!  We also take mopeds, motorcycles, and offroad vehicles- and we can take them running or not.  There may be a few exceptions so call if you want to see how we can help.  360.405.0488  We offer a free pick up service and we do all the paperwork for you.  

All these items are tax deductible.


We Also Take Boats, Kyaks, Canoes, Paddle Boards, and Jet Skis

Our Northwest climate offers so any wonderful water adventures.  However, unused boats and outdoor toys are worse for wear if they just sit.  If you no longer have use of these items donate them so others can use them, while at the same time helping a local non profit meet the desperate needs of many impoverished citizens.  

All these items are tax deductible.  


And Yes! We Take Motorhomes and Campers

To help our current homeless situation we do give (or sell for a very moderate price), motorhomes and campers to those without a place to live.  They do not have to be new-older ones are ok, too!  Just call us and we can make an appointment to come look at it.  That will determine whether it is acceptable or not.  360.405.0488

All these items are tax deductible.